Are Makeup Wipes Bad For Your Skin? Know Here!

Are makeup wipes bad? We’ll find out today! Let’s face it: nothing is more alluring (or simpler) at the end of a long day than using a disposable makeup wipe to remove the product buildup and calling it a night. I frequently buy wipes in bulk since, after all, convenience is everything. Who didn’t enjoy how easy it was to swiftly wipe your face off after a hot night of bar hopping? Well, it appears that using disposable wipes is not the best practice (oops). So, are makeup wipes bad for your skin? Read on to know!

How Are Makeup Wipes Bad For Your Skin?

Well, there are many reasons, but today we’ll focus on a few. Find them below:

Harsh Chemicals

Makeup wipes include harsh chemicals that affect your skin’s pH balance and its acid mantle. 

Your skin has an outer layer called the acid mantle that shields it from dirt and pollutants while locking in moisture and natural oils. 

When you use the wipes, the layer which is crucial for the health of your skin gets removed. 

Additionally, it removes the skin’s natural oils.

Not Made For Cleansing

Makeup wipes are made to break down makeup particles; they are not intended to be used to cleanse the skin. 

Suppose you wipe your face with a makeup wipe. 

In that case, there is a probability that a sizable amount of makeup and pollutant residue will still be present in your pores and clog them.

Makes Your Skin Sensitive

You shouldn’t expose your skin to strong chemicals, especially if it is sensitive.  

Makeup remover wipes leave behind skin that is more prone to irritability and acne. 

Moreover, because the tissue around the eyes is so delicate, it should not be used to remove eyeliner, kajal, or mascara.

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Not Eco-friendly

It has a severe impact on the environment. 

The global climate issue has advanced to the point where we should all attempt to decrease our trash as much as possible. 

We are long past the stage of recycling everything. 

Unfortunately, the harm caused by single-use items is considerably more than we might think. 

A single makeup wipe can take at least 100 years to decompose

Imagine adding to the mountain of rubbish that we already make by using one every day.

What You Should Use Instead?

  1. Use reusable wipes or bamboo-based wipes to remove your makeup.
  2. Double cleanse.

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