Can Makeup Boost Your Confidence? Know Here!

Can makeup boost your confidence? Well, read on! I’ve been meaning to write this article for a while now, where I will talk about both the positive and negative aspects of the makeup industry. I love wearing makeup and began doing so when I was around 18. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with various looks. 

And admiring the incredible canvases that people can produce with different eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, highlighters, etc. It’s so much fun to experiment with makeup since the possibilities are absolutely endless. Of course, using makeup to feel more beautiful goes along with the creative aspect of makeup. 

You may apply four coats of mascara if you want longer eyelashes, a full coverage foundation if you have a few spots, and a lip-plumping gloss if your lips aren’t as full as you’d like them to be. 

The makeup industry is so huge because it enables you to use your face to create something new while concealing your perceived flaws. Keep reading to know more….

Can Makeup Boost Your Confidence?

Yes, wearing makeup can boost our confidence. 

Many of us believe we look our best with a full face of makeup. 

It aids in defining features that aren’t as noticeable without makeup.

However, the makeup industry can often make us feel worthless. 

When we see other individuals applying makeup in glitzy magazines or on Instagram, we compare ourselves to them. 

If we don’t use makeup, we could feel insecure and that we’re not attractive or, worse yet, ugly without it. 

These emotions may cause us to become dependent on makeup.

What's The Best Way To Use Makeup?

I think we should use makeup to enhance our innate beauty, not define it.  

As much as the next girl, I enjoy applying a full face of makeup, including glitter, fake lashes, winged eyeliner, and a ton of bronzer. 

Still, I don’t think I should rely on it to make me feel worthy.

And the reason I say “should” is because I was once a person who struggled with insecurities and low self-esteem. 

Not just from makeup but also from the social media realm. 

We are conditioned to believe that the girls we see online are the ideal representation of beauty. 

What we are not informed of is the: 

  • Numerous hours they spent on their makeup routine.
  • The image editing they used for their pictures. 
  • The identical insecurities that these girls share with us.

What's My Take On Makeup?

Even though I love makeup, there’s a fine line between enjoying yourself and feeling compelled to wear it when you leave the house.

I was that person when I was younger. 

I didn’t like my face without makeup; therefore, I wouldn’t even take a 5-minute walk to the shops without applying some.

While I evaluate it realistically, it’s so absurd because I never view individuals when I’m out and about as “eww, they could use some makeup.” 

But when it comes to ourselves, we frequently assume that we need to put on makeup to feel like we’re enough.

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All you see on social media when girls are at their best is just a picture. You don’t know the work that goes into these people’s makeup routines, but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist or are fake. 

Furthermore, it involves more such as the angles, editing, filters, or lighting.

I know it seems cliche, but you have extraordinary power, and that power is YOU. 

That power differentiates you from other people and makes you beautiful. You would not be who you are if you looked like the person to whom you continuously compare yourself. 

It’s possible that somebody is admiring you and wishing they had what you have.


I am not saying you don’t use makeup; it indeed is fantastic. Simply put, don’t let some socially built idea of what society deems attractive govern your life. Because there is no such thing as perfection, which is good!

This lengthy rant’s main message is to not let makeup define your beauty or depend on it to make you feel good enough.

We hope you enjoyed this article on “Can Makeup Boost Your Confidence?”

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