Foxy Eye Makeup Look : Step By Step Guide

Foxy eye makeup, a beauty trend that is attainable to everyone rather than just runway models and celebs. Many other versions of the look have been spotted online, but they all have the same fox-like traits that you’d see on, well, a fox.

Bella Hadid is said to be the inspiration for the trend, as she frequently wears a foxy eye makeup look to give the illusion of enlarged eyes. It features sharp inner corners and an elongated wingtip, which makes it look like a fox. Some even go so far as to shave their brows, contour the sides of their nose to make it look sharper, and pull their hair back for photos to create an even more elevated appearance.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive right in and learn how to create a Foxy Eye Makeup Look.

What Is A Foxy Eye Makeup?

Thanks to celebrities like Bella Hadid, foxy eye makeup has become one of the most popular and attractive eye styles on the internet. 

The style lengthens the eyes and gives them a tapered appearance with the help of eyeliner. 

Sharp edges and thinly winged eyeliner elevate your eye makeup, giving you a sensual look.

What Is A Foxy Eye Makeup?

In five simple steps, you can master foxy eye makeup:

  1. Begin by applying a primer to your eyelids. After you’ve created a flawless base, select an eyeshadow shade that nearly matches your skin tone from your palette. Using a fluffy blending brush, apply it on the lid. This will be the look’s transition shade.
  2. Using a little darker eyeshadow tone, add depth to the crease area. To effectively buff out the color, apply it with a fine crease brush in a windshield motion. 
  3. Begin outlining your eyes with eyeliner now. To make sure that your liner is thin, you can either use gel eyeliner with a brush or a pen eyeliner for better control over eyeliner strokes.
  4. Extend and flick the eyeliner towards your brow bone or temples while keeping it thin. Extend it as far as you’d like towards the brow bone. You can also smoke out the eyeliner for a more natural appearance.
  5. Apply mascara as usual after cleaning the edges with a Q-tip. Apply some highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes, and that’s it. 
  6. False lashes will give you a more defined and attractive appearance.

What Differentiates It From Cat Eye?

Unlike the cat eye, which is similar to a winged eyeliner look, the foxy eye makes the form of your eyes appear longer by extending the outer and inner corner of the eyeliner to imitate the shape of a fox’s eyes.

In addition, in a foxy eye appearance, the eyeliner is drawn to the required length towards the brow bone, whereas in a cat-eye look, the eyeliner is frequently winged and the eyeliner is thicker than usual.

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