How To Avoid Concealer Creasing

Under-eye concealer is a necessary evil in the world of makeup. Whenever we find a new product, we’re ecstatic but our joy is quickly dashed when a midday glimpse in the mirror reveals creases and cakiness. What is it that it takes to get the crease-free under-eye that we see on the red carpet? Is it magic? The creaseless look seen on celebrities isn’t voodoo, according to makeup professionals.

We mere humans can mimic the beautifully disguised, fresh-faced look of celebrities with a few ingenious tactics. However, we must set realistic goals. We can reduce concealer creasing, but because we are living, breathing beings, it is not always feasible to eliminate it completely.

Even if a crease irritates you, it’s usually fixable with a few swipes of a dampened beauty blender or a fingertip. Now that we’ve set our expectations to a reasonable level, read on to know more about how to avoid concealer creasing.

To Reduce Concealer Creasing, Set With Powder

Powdering your concealer sets it in place and prevents it from creasing throughout the day. 

Use a light powder, like Maybelline, sparingly. 

This powder is fantastic for brightening dull and dark under-eyes.

But it might make you look too reflective if you use too much before a photo shoot. 

Apply with a tiny, fluffy powder brush for optimal results.

Place Your Concealer Thoughtfully

When it comes to concealer, strike a balance between too much and too little.

You want enough to cover the entire region and blend it without making the coverage splotchy or thin.

It’s also vital to pay attention to where you put the concealer.

The triangle section at the inner corner of the eyes is where we get the most darkness, therefore concentrate there.

Because the skin around that area is smoother, there is less creasing.

For a traceless finish, apply the majority of the product in this darker area and blend it out toward your orbital bone.

Select A Lightweight Formula

The crease factor is determined by the texture of your concealer.

Dry concealers crease more easily since they are less flexible and might stick to your skin’s wrinkles.

I prefer ones with a light, creamy feel.

If you haven’t yet discovered your ideal formula, consider this one from Mars, which provides the ideal balance of setting and drying.

Use An Eye Cream

Prepping the under-eye area with an easy-to-absorb eye cream, like this one from St.Botanica, is a lesser-known trick to avoid concealer creasing.

If you usually skip the eye cream to avoid smearing your eye makeup, the trick is to wait a few minutes after applying eye cream before applying concealer.

This is the step I like to do first, then the rest of the makeup.

After that I return to the under-eye concealer to provide time for the cream to absorb.

Don’t Apply Concealer Too Close To The Lower Lashline

To achieve full coverage, you don’t need to apply concealer all the way up to your lashes.

To get a seamless look, blend the borders of your concealer outwards toward the orbital bone.

Rather than applying the concealer directly down the lash line, blend it up toward it.

If you apply concealer too close to your bottom lashes, it will pool and crease.

Also, if you got too close to the lash line by accident, you can fix it by soaking a cotton swab in a small amount of makeup remover.

Select The Appropriate Tools For A Smooth Application

It’s important to use the right equipment to apply your under-eye concealer. 

Apply the cream only where you need it to look naturally well-rested for a no-makeup makeup look. 

My technique is to use concealer only where I see a shadow, then pat it in place with my fingertip. 

Your skin’s warmth will melt the product and blend it in, giving it the appearance of actual skin. 

To avoid straining at the delicate skin around your eyes, use your ring finger (the finger with the least pressure).


If your concealer is creasing around your eyes, go for a “less is more” approach. 

That is, rather than applying a thick coat of concealer at first, layer it on as needed. 

To obtain a realistic look, I prefer to work in thin layers and just apply as much as is required.

That means no more caking or creasing concealer.


I hope you found this article useful in learning how to avoid concealer creasing.

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