Should You Apply Moisturizer At Night? Find Here!

Have you ever wondered, “Should I occasionally skip using a moisturizer at night to give my skin a break?” The answer is always the same! No, you should never avoid using moisturizer at night to give your skin a break or let your skin “breathe.” In this article, I’ll discuss why consistently applying moisturizer at night is essential for having moisturized, healthy-looking skin.

Should You Apply Moisturizer At Night? Find Here!

It Is a Myth That Your Skin “Breathes”

The notion that your skin can “breathe” is untrue because your skin doesn’t carry out the respiratory process. 

I’m using the word “breathe” literally, even though I’m aware that various individuals interpret it differently. 

Some people refer to the skin’s ability to breathe when they actually mean whether or not the skin is clogged, which means they don’t want anything clogging their pores. 

Use a mild moisturizer in this scenario. 

It all comes down to picking the appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.

Skin Cell’s Life Requires Moisture

I frequently compare skin cells to fish because they require water to survive. 

Skin cells get dry without water, which seriously jeopardizes the skin’s overall health. 

In fact, dehydration can trigger a reaction that might cause sensitivity, inflammation, and redness. 

The best technique to increase the skin’s water content is to apply a night moisturizer every night.

At Night, Oil Production is At Its Lowest

The natural substance the body makes to hydrate the skin is called oil or sebum. 

Sebum production varies every 8 hours. 

They are highest in the morning and lowest at night. 

Your skin’s moisture barrier is compromised when there is insufficient sebum because of the increased rate of transepidermal water loss. 

When the moisture barrier is compromised, it can cause various problems, such as redness, tightness, itching, flaking, and atopic dermatitis. 

A decent night cream can offer much-needed moisture to strengthen the barrier and stop transepidermal water loss.

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moisturizer at night

The Night is The Ideal Time To Use Active Ingredients

Your body enters a repair phase during the night. 

Retinol, acids that exfoliate the skin, and antioxidants are examples of active substances that can help the skin’s natural cellular repair and turnover processes. 

Additionally, suppose you obtain the suggested eight hours of sleep each night. 

In that case, you’ll give these active ingredients plenty of time to reach the skin and work their best.

At Night, Skin Permeability is Highest

You did read that correctly. 

The circadian rhythm of your skin (yep, your skin has a circadian rhythm just like you!) affects skin permeability. 

Because of its increased permeability at night, a moisturizer can permeate the skin more deeply at night than during the day.

Never skip applying moisturizer at night. It might be problematic! After all, your skin requires hydration and protection at night as well. Simply remember to thoroughly wash your skin before using moisturizer.

You may try these moisturizers:

  1. Plum Green Tea Renewed Clarity Night Gel.
  2. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Night Moisturizer.
  3. CICA Niacinamide moisturizer for face with green tea.
  4. Biotique Wheat Germ Anti-Ageing Night Cream.
  5. Just Herbs Organic Skin Brightening Moisturizer Night.

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