Winter Makeup Look To Try This Year

Brrr, winter’s knocking on the door again, and you know what that means, right? It’s time to dive into some cool and quirky winter makeup looks! Sure, you might be all wrapped up in your winter wardrobe, but let’s not forget about our faces, shall we? 

Adding a dash of frosty fun to your makeup game can be the perfect antidote to those chilly, dreary days. And guess what? Taking care of your skin is the name of the game. When the air’s drier than a desert, you’ve got to be careful not to turn into a human prune. 

So, say bye-bye to that face powder; it’s time to level up your winter makeup routine for a look that’s as flawless as a snowflake. Let’s dive into the winter wonderland of makeup and learn how to prep your skin for those icy months ahead.

How to Create a Winter Makeup Look?

Picture this: gusty winds, temps that make your teeth chatter – yep, winter’s a doozy for your skin. 

But fret not, we’ve got five fab skincare tips to prep you for your winter makeup extravaganza.

  • First off, after a long day of facing the elements, treat your skin to a spa-like experience by saying hello to a gentle cleanser. Micellar water is your new BFF!
  • Since winter air can be as unforgiving as a grizzly bear without its coffee, don’t forget to moisturize after cleansing. Go for a hydrating face serum, and here’s a pro tip: apply it while your skin’s still damp for maximum moisture lock-in.
  • You might think one moisturizer does it all, but in wintertime, think twice! Day and night call for different heroes – a lightweight lotion for day and a heavy-duty moisturizer for bedtime.
  • Don’t let winter dryness cramp your style. Opt for a foundation that’s all about that luminous finish. Buildable coverage and a moisturizing touch – it’s like a winter coat for your face!
  • Even if you’re not breaking a sweat in the cold, a makeup fixer is your secret weapon for keeping your look on point.

Steps to Create a Winter Makeup Look

Now, let’s dive into the fun part – creating a winter makeup look that’ll make Jack Frost do a double-take.

First things first, follow those skincare steps we talked about earlier. Your skin deserves some TLC!

Let’s kick things off with some color correction magic using Forever52 concealer in COV005. Got dark spots? This is your secret weapon.

Blend it like you’re making a smoothie, using a brush for that extra oomph. But hey, it’s your canvas – finger painting is cool too!

Say no to heavy foundations! SUGAR Cosmetics Serum Foundation is the way to go – it’s light as a snowflake and leaves you looking flawless.

For that extra pop, use a lighter concealer shade to highlight those high points. Remember, don’t go too light, or you might end up looking like a ghostly snowman.

Set your winter makeup by pressing face powder only where concealer’s hanging out. No need to powder your entire face – let your natural glow shine!

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Now, onto the sparkle! 

Time to create an eye look that could outshine a disco ball. Start with a baby pink shade and add a sprinkle of delicate pinkish glitter. Makeup Revolution Palette to the rescue!

And don’t forget to rock that winged eyeliner. It’s the cherry on top of your winter makeup sundae.

Time for some rosy cheeks – Swiss Beauty Blush Palette, we’re looking at you! Dab your favorite shade on the apples of your cheeks for a natural, rosy glow.

Finish off your winter makeup look with the perfect lip color. Nude tones are always a hit, and glossy lips are the icing on the cupcake. Try MyGlamm Ultimatte Lipstick in fiery 01, and top it with some INSIGHT transparent lip gloss. Pucker up!

Now, to complete your winter glam, don’t forget a fabulous hairdo. Whether it’s a cozy beanie, a trendy scarf, or simply a stylish updo, make sure your hair is as on-point as your makeup.


So there you have it, folks – your guide to a winter makeup look that’s as fun and fabulous as the season itself. Go out there and rock that winter wonderland like the makeup maven you are!

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