5 Simple Braid Hairstyles That Are A Game Changer!

Beautiful and quick hairstyles can be made with braids. They look great, whether you’re wearing a gown, a skirt, or leather pants. You can discover a braid to fit your style! There are many different braiding patterns available, ranging from the basic three-strand braid to the waterfall braid. Additionally, whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy, all of these braids will look great on you. Let’s look at these 5 simple braid hairstyles you may create in under 10 minutes. Read on!

5 Simple Braid Hairstyles For You!

#1 Dutch Heart Braid

This lovely Dutch braid has stitches that resemble perfect hearts. 

Simply pancake your Dutch braid by pulling the hair up rather than out to obtain this gorgeous effect. 

This hairstyle is ideal if you want to accessorize it.

#2 French Braid

For both business and leisure, this braid is perfect! 

It takes a little bit of practice to make this precise French braid. 

But don’t worry; if you keep practicing, you’ll soon be performing it flawlessly.

simple braid hairstyles - dutch braid
simple braid hairstyles - french braid

#3 Double Dutch Braids

Have any new highlights? 

With these stunning double dutch braids, show them off. 

Thanks to them, your natural hair color and the new highlights will contrast brilliantly. 

They appear youthful and lively as well.

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simple braid hairstyles - double dutch braid

#4 Braided Top Knot

The top knot is one of the most popular protective braided hairstyles. 

It is an easy hairstyle that has an edgy, fierce appearance. 

At the top of your head, gather all of your braids and tie them together in a top knot. 

To keep it in place, use an elastic band.

#5 Fishtail Braid

This fishtail braid appears ideal for chilly winter nights spent sipping hot cocoa and donning oversized sweaters. 

Leave a small amount of hair at the sides out before you begin braiding. Pass the side hair through the stitches once you’ve braided it in small portions. 

To keep every hair in place, use bobby pins.

simple braid hairstyles - top knot
simple braid hairstyles - fishtail braid


In conclusion, these five simple braid hairstyles offer a quick and stylish solution for any occasion. From the intricate Dutch Heart Braid to the classic French Braid, there’s a style to suit every taste and outfit. 

Whether you’re showcasing new highlights with Double Dutch Braids or adding an edgy flair with a Braided Top Knot, these hairstyles are versatile and easy to achieve in under 10 minutes. And let’s not forget the timeless elegance of the Fishtail Braid, perfect for cozy winter nights or casual days. 

Experiment with these styles and share your favorites with us!

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