Hair: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

You can also have strong, visibly nourished hair; it’s not just for Instagram models and celebs to have lush, healthy hair. A few simple styling tips and tender loving care are needed to notice a significant change. Along with making informed product selections, pay attention to what your hair needs from you.

It can make a huge difference to know your hair type (straight, wavy, curly — and which kind of curl) and develop a routine that is particular to your texture, color, and style. You can change your regular hair routine with some simple steps. There are many ways to grow and maintain healthy, thick hair. Continue reading to find out more.

Hair: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Know Your Hair

To begin with, you need to be aware of your hair type. 

You can choose the best hair products with the help of this. 

You can choose the hair care products that best suit your needs if you struggle with any hair issues. 

Before selecting your hair products, find out your hair type. 

There may be several solutions for hair types like curly hair, straight hair, frizzy hair, hair fall control, and many others.

When To Wash Your Hair

The best time to wash your hair is a subject of much debate. 

Washing your hair too often or regularly enough might damage your hair and make it drier. 

When you believe you must wash your hair, do so. 

Washing your hair once or twice a week is sufficient for normal hair types. 

You might need to wash your hair every other day if you have greasy hair. 

Dry hair, however, needs less washing. 

You should only wash your hair sometimes. 

Additionally, be sure to select the appropriate shampoo for your hair type.

Another crucial stage is the conditioner. 

It gives your hair the proper nutrition and aids in maintaining healthy, lustrous, and silky hair.

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Right Method Of Combing

You may have heard that combing your hair while it’s still wet is a good idea. 

You can quickly detangle your hair and get rid of frizz by combing damp hair. 

However, because the hair follicles are weak when damp, it is more likely to break when you comb them, and it is also more likely to fall out.

So, comb your hair once they are dried.

And it’s better to use a wooden comb.

Correct Way Of Oiling

Do you frequently oil your hair? 

Your hair absolutely needs to be oiled. 

Your hair receives the proper nourishment as well as strength from it. 

You can manage hair loss and other hair issues by oiling your hair.

However, you should keep the oil only for 2-3 hours; it’s a myth to keep your hair soaked in oil overnight!

Right Way Of Hair Drying

Your hair will suffer if you use a hair dryer. 

Because of the heat exposure, using a hair dryer too frequently can harm your hair. 

Your hair should naturally dry. 

Attempt to limit the use of heat-activated products and excessive style.

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