Facial Kit

Facial Kit By Nature’s Essence


Facial Kit By Nature’s Essence

Until recently, I didn’t think facials were a good idea. I’m too lazy to go down to the salon for a facial, so I was debating if I should get a kit. Trust me when I say that a facial kit is a godsend for lazy girls like me! This is the second time I’ve used it, and I’d like to express my thoughts in this review.

So, What Is It?

It’s a fruit facial kit.

To make use of it, simply follow the instructions at the back.

I’m also stating all of the steps while discussing them all at the same time.

Facial Kit

How Does It Work?

For just Rs.260, you may get three facials.

Doesn’t it sound enticing?

Continue reading to learn more!!!

Nature’s Essence’s Fruit Facial Kit softly nourishes your skin and keeps it looking fresh and beautiful.

Almonds, orange, saffron, apple, and vitamin E are all included.

It begins with pre-facial de-tan therapy, followed by the following steps:

First : Cleansing.

Second : Scrubbing.

Third : Massaging.

Fourth : Face Pack.

Nature’s Essence Fruit Facial Kit Review

The facial kit was packaged in a bright pink box with a plastic holder.

The colours green and white are used in the branding.

It was stuffed with tiny tubes.

It is very practical and easy to use.

Step 1: De-Tan Pre-Facial Prep

It removes tan and restores your skin’s natural fairness.

Simply apply a generous amount to your face and neck.

After 15 minutes, remove the mask with a damp tissue.

De-tan facial

Step 2: Gentle Fruit Almond Cleanser

Like any other makeup remover, this is basically a cleanser.

Apply the facial kit’s cleansing lotion in dots all over your face.

Massage it for 2 minutes with your finger tips.

This was one of my favourites because it cleansed better than a face wash.

It has a pleasant aroma and a runny texture.

After using it, my skin felt energised and rejuvenated.

facial kit

Step 3: Orange Scrub & Pack

Apply this scrub to damp skin.

For 3 minutes, I gently massaged it all over my face and neck in a circular manner.

Before rinsing it off, let it dry for another 5 minutes like a face pack.

Scrub grains are neither too hard nor too gentle.

After using this, my skin felt smooth and silky.

I didn’t notice any dryness on my skin, but dry-skinned women should be cautious.

face pack kit

Step 4: Saffron Massage Cream

I applied this generously after rinsing the scrub and gently massaged it for 15 minutes.

It was a wonderful feeling.

The texture is similar to that of a regular cream, however it is a little oily.

While massaging, continue to add drops of water.

I massaged it for a few minutes before removing it with a wet wipe.

After this step, I observed a glow on my face.

facial kit

Step 5: Gentle Fruit Apple Pack

It is a firming pack of the facial kit that tones your skin for a nourished and flawless radiance.

The pack is thick and dry in texture.

Because it applies unevenly, a large amount is required.

It is more frequently used than the other tubes.

The pack quickly dries out.

I saw a radiance after using it, and my skin felt smooth and soft.

My Experience

  • Packaging is convenient.
  • Almond cleanser is more effective than any other face wash at cleaning the face.
  • I noticed a glow in my skin.
  • My skin felt soft, smooth, and supple afterward.
  • It didn’t cause any breakouts for me.
  • Cost-effective and affordable.

Lastly, this facial kit promises to be a “fruit” facial, but I didn’t get a scent of fruit other than the name.

This worked great for me and it’s a convenient choice while you’re on the go.

Though the results may fade in 2 days, I believe it to be cost-effective and well worth the money.

Purchase it from here.

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