Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Women

I’m feeling a sudden internal change towards a more pulled-together look after a year of loving and living in sweatpants. For the first time in a long time, I’m consuming fall trend reports and skimming through my favorite fashion websites as a nice break from my workweek. Maybe it’s my internal yearning for things to seem “normal” again after such a tumultuous year, or perhaps it’s just that preparing my fall outfit ideas always makes me feel like I’m starting over.

So, when I begin to place a few orders for 2022, what are the buying trends I’m leaning toward? Those who don’t go too far from the idea of comfort (after all, I’m still working from home) look cool enough to wear to a lunch date or a zoom meeting.

It’s more about how the clothing makes me feel these days: entirely at ease in my own skin, yet put-together with a distinct personality. So, what are we waiting for? Read on the “Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Women”.

Wide-Leg Jeans

I used to be afraid of wide-leg jeans because I thought they were unflattering, but thanks to these beauties, I’ve converted. 

The vibe is powerful, the wash is gentle, the rise is high, and the vibe is strong. This is a MUST!

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Who needs yet another simple white T-shirt, right? 

We all do when it’s as soft and flattering as this one, it turns out. 

I’ve worn mine tucked into jeans for a timeless look that fits any occasion. Delicate gold jewelry in layers is a plus.

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wide leg jeans
women tshirt

Evergreen Midi Sac Zig Zag


Something about it feels like it fits in with the season’s 70s feelings, and it’s one of those rare bags that looks equally good with a night-out outfit as it does with “coffee run in a baseball cap” sentiments. 

Wear it as a top handle, crossbody, or over the shoulder.

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Ruffled Tee

Remember how I said this season is all about combining comfort and style? 

This tiny lady does it better than anyone else. 

She adds feminine, whimsical ruffles to a well-fitted, soft shirt with a splatter paint motif that screams “creative genius.” 

For me, this has a lot of potential.

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green women's bag
Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Women

High-Waisted Jeans

These are a new fit for me, and they seem a little out of my comfort zone, which I’m looking for! 

With the changing seasons, denim is a fantastic spot to vary things up and try a fresh look. 

This is simply great, especially when paired with a flat or heeled boot that will keep things looking fashionable.

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All-Day Wear Heels

These heels can (literally) dress up any outfit, yet with a low enough heel to keep you from wobbling. 

They’re polished but laid-back, and they’re probably the closest I’ll get to “high heels” this season.

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high waist jeans
all day heels

Crop Tank Top

On some days, all I need is a shirt that will take me from the gym to a coffee meeting, and this crop tank delivers. 

I find it challenging to find flattering tanks, but this one makes me feel incredibly confident and cute. 

As the weather drops, I’ll layer on a jacket.

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Denim Shirt

To be honest, I didn’t realize I needed a denim shirt until I came across this one. 

Also, thanks to the oversized fit, it has a relaxed, effortless, and stylish vibe. 

Nowadays, I’m wearing mine with a jegging knotted at the waist, but as the season changes, I’ll tuck it into pants or layer it over tanks as a light top layer.

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Fashionable Outfit Ideas For Women

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