Formal Wear For Men: Your Style Guide

The trend for formal wear for men has changed over the past few decades, going from basic styles to chic street styling ideas that introduced business casuals. Whether styling a formal or business casual look for men, there are fundamental guidelines to follow.

Basic Difference Between Formal Wear For Men & Business Casual

  • The basic rules for styling simple and subtle styles for workwear are included in formal wear. Avoid large patterns or prints and intense colors for your formal look.
  • Business casuals are more comfortable and use a combination of simple casual outfits with formals. Like wearing a shirt and chinos together. You can choose prints, but keep them light and modest.

Formal Wear For Men: Your Style Guide


Men’s formal wear shirts usually come in relaxed fits, while slim fits can also look good under a waistcoat, blazer, or suit. 

With a more secure look, opt for neutral and blue colors. 

These are simple to pair and style.

Business casual looks will need shirts that are closer to formal but can have any fit. 

Selecting colors that have tints or are darker, such as green, red, pink, or lavender, might be considered stylish. 

Choose printed shirts with subtle, basic-colored designs that don’t dominate the style.


Formal trousers, which can be slim and relaxed-fitting or without pleats, are the ones that go nicely with suits. 

Dark blue or black and earthy tones are the predominant colors. 

The trousers shouldn’t have any other apparent threads and texture.

Business chinos and cotton blends with a narrower cut can be substituted for casual pants for comfort. 

Checks and stripes can also be woven in these patterns, but not in more contrasting or highlighting tones. 

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formal wear for men

Overlayer Clothing

A suit, a blazer, or even a waistcoat are examples of formal wear used over-layer clothing. 

As an illustration, formal attire includes wearing a four-piece suit and a blazer with a shirt. 

Pick ones with basic weaving patterns and colors like blues, black, dark brown, or deeper tones.

Business casual checkered or plaid waistcoat styles are appropriate, but the colors must be soft and not overly saturated. 

An excellent alternative for casual business looks in the summer is to wear a waistcoat and shirt or a blazer made of linen.


Style ties for formal attire can be any color, including dark, light, or combinations of two or three shades. 

Stripes, geometric shapes, dots, and other prints are common in formal clothing. 

You can style the ties in contrast or in the same color family as your shirt. 

For business casual, you can wear ties in any stylish and unruffled pattern, including stripes, checks, dots, and plaids. 

Use a variety of shades and give your ensemble some distinction with the color of your tie.

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