Review : Mother Sparsh Hair Oil

I have really dry hair and I constantly experiment with various solutions to make them more manageable. Hair oil is a must-have. This is a crucial step that you must take. So, in my search for a nice hair oil that I hadn’t tried before and that also matched my budget, I tried Mother Sparsh’s 30 Herbs hair oil, and here’s my whole review.


  • Provides a natural gloss to hair.
  • Hair that is brittle, dry or damaged is revitalised.
  • Promotes a healthy scalp and hair.
  • Provides total nutritional benefits as well as hair strength.

Ingredients Of Mother Sparsh Hair Oil

Harad, alsi, arand, kapur, haldi, kaali mirch, nagarmotha, reetha, brahmi, methi and amla are among the 30 herbs in the oil.

Mother Sparsh Hair Oil

About Mother Sparsh Hair Oil

Mother Sparsh hair oil is packaged in a solid white plastic bottle with a matte finish and a secure tight closure. 

The branding is green and the package is burgundy. 

It’s straightforward and uncomplicated.

Its Fragrance & Consistency

Because the oil contains so many herbs, it does have a distinct aroma.

But it is not overbearing, which may be a worry for some. 

It has a thick consistency but not thick enough to be classified as a one-string word. 

It is non-sticky and slides easily over your scalp and strands. 

Simply warm a small amount in your palms and rub it in.

Quantity & Price

A 200 ml bottle of Mother Sparsh Hair Oil costs Rs 599.

My Personal Experience

Herby scents aren’t my favourite because they can be overpowering and annoying to the nose.

But this one surprised me!!! 

It contains so many herbs that it is a concoction that one’s hair would drink as fish would water, although the fragrance isn’t too bad. 

I’ve used it three times now and my hair appears to be shining a little brighter than before.

I have chemically treated hair that is also quite wavy, so finding the appropriate products is crucial for me. 

Simply apply it thoroughly, massaging it into your scalp, then the entire length and tips.

The best option is to keep it overnight, but this will suffice. 

The manufacturer recommends leaving it on for 30 minutes, but I think my hair might use a little more pampering. 

Then, as usual, wash it off with organic shampoo and conditioner.


  • It’s inexpensive for what it accomplishes.
  • It has a subtle herby scent that migraine sufferers can tolerate.
  • Has the benefits of 30 herbs and is 100% ayurvedic.


Because it isn’t your typical one- or two-ingredient hair oil, the price is reasonable. 

However, some people may find it to be too costly.

So far, I’m really enjoying this hair oil and it’s given my mane a nice sheen. 

Use a gentle shampoo to avoid stripping the oil of its nutrients. 

You might even be able to get it cheaper during sales, so give it a shot!!!

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