September 2022

coffee for dark circles

Coffee For Dark Circles

BLOG Benefits Of Coffee For Dark Circles! How to use coffee for dark circles? Here are three simple ways to use coffee to help you look less puffy around the eyes. Nobody will deny that dark circles can give your skin a lifeless, worn-out appearance. You can blame it on a busy schedule, binge-watching your […]

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benefits of hair oiling - indiekudi

Benefits Of Hair Oiling

BLOG Top Unknown Benefits Of Hair Oiling! Are you aware of the benefits of hair oiling? Pouring oil into hair and massaging it into the scalp is a technique called “hair oiling” that aims to add moisture, luster, and shine. Oiling the hair may soften it and replenish vitamins and minerals lost during frequent washing.

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multani mitti face pack

Multani mitti face pack

BLOG Benefits Of Multani Mitti Face Pack And Recipe! The Multani mitti face pack is well known. Today, we’ll learn a lot more specifics about it. This ingredient, also known as fuller’s earth or Multan mud, has been utilized for decades by skin specialists and homemakers. It is also a key component of herbal preparations,

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are makeup wipes bad

Are Makeup Wipes Bad

BLOG Are Makeup Wipes Bad For Your Skin? Know Here! Are makeup wipes bad? We’ll find out today! Let’s face it: nothing is more alluring (or simpler) at the end of a long day than using a disposable makeup wipe to remove the product buildup and calling it a night. I frequently buy wipes in

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