October 2022

formal wear for men

Formal Wear For Men

BLOG Formal Wear For Men: Your Style Guide The trend for formal wear for men has changed over the past few decades, going from basic styles to chic street styling ideas that introduced business casuals. Whether styling a formal or business casual look for men, there are fundamental guidelines to follow. Basic Difference Between Formal

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skin care claims

Meaningless Skin Care Claims

BLOG 10 Meaningless Skin Care Claims It may surprise the average consumer that skin care claims and products with perfect package designs, marketing campaigns, and glossy magazine ads are mainly unregulated. A product cannot truly transform the skin; it can only alter its “look” or enhance it. However, the claims have the right emotional impact

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green tea for hair

Green Tea For Hair

BLOG Benefits Of Green Tea For Hair One of the most consumed beverages worldwide for centuries has been green tea. Many businesses have started including green tea in their products, especially those that promise to improve hair health. You could question whether green tea actually helps your hair, though. This article explores everything about green

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tips to lose weight - indiekudi

Tips to Lose Weight

BLOG 5 Best Diet Tips to Lose Weight And Improve Health Let’s face it: there’s an astonishing amount of information about tips to lose weight and get in shape. This seemingly limitless data supply might be overwhelming and confusing if you’re looking for the best advice on losing weight and keeping it off. A new

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diy toner

DIY Toner

BLOG 5 Ways To Make A DIY Toner You can make your DIY toner or purchase one from the shop to add to your skin care regimen. But what do you do with toner once you get it? While certain skincare items, like moisturizers, have obvious uses, the function of toner can be a little

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