June 2022

simple braid hairstyles - dutch braid

5 simple braid hairstyles

BLOG 5 Simple Braid Hairstyles That Are A Game Changer! Beautiful and quick hairstyles can be made with braids. They look great, whether you’re wearing a gown, a skirt, or leather pants. You can discover a braid to fit your style! There are many different braiding patterns available, ranging from the basic three-strand braid to […]

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how to tie a bandana - biker style

How To Tie a Bandana

BLOG How to Tie a Bandana Like a Biker: Four Simple Ways Bandanas have been around since the 18th century and offer a versatile accessory to spruce up any outfit. If you’re a fan of bandanas, you’ll be pleased to learn that you may wear them in various ways. Today, we’ll show you how to

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benefits of vitamin c

Benefits of Vitamin C

BLOG Benefits of Vitamin C: What Does The Research Say? The benefits of vitamin C are reason enough to include it in your diet. This powerful antioxidant aids in regenerating other antioxidants, increases non-heme iron absorption and aids in wound healing and connective tissue formation. It also protects the skin and body from free radical

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